What Is a Jail Bond and How Does it Work

Being arrested and taken to jail is never a simple thing. It is one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences one has to undergo. Most of the time, it can one of the first experiences has one has to face and it can quite stressful and confusing. However, a person can seek help from acme bail to avoid being sent to jail.

How the bail bond works

Bail is the amount of money that has set by the court and held for the freedom of a person. Immediately the bail bond has made, the accused individual is released, however, he is required to appear before a judge for the hearing or to show up when he/she is requested. In some scenarios, when the accused person is faced with minor charges, the individual can pay the bail immediately, without going to court. 

In numerous cases, the trial can last for months, which implies that the defendant would have to remain in prison, if not for the bail system. That would make the individual not to work typically and earn a living. The bail bond enables an individual to carry on with his/her life while the process goes on. 

Deciding the Bail Amount 

The severity of the crime is what will determine the amount of bail the accused will pay, however, the judge sets the exact amount. There are places where there are standard amounts for specific cases, but for the most part, it still depends on the judge. An individual’s criminal record, for instance, could as well be a deciding element. 

Various types of bail bond

The first bail is when the accused person has to pay using cash, check or credit cards otherwise referred to as cash bail. Surety is the other kind of bond, this is the type of bail used when the individual is unfit to manage the cost of the bail that has been set. 

If an individual arrives in prison and cannot post the bail, a relative can contact a bail bond agent. Behind the bail agent, there is an insurance agency known as a surety firm. The agent is the one who pays a whole amount of the bond. 

In return for paying the bond, the agent can charge 10% and is as well permitted to collect some type of security. The security is required so as to prevent the individual from fleeing. The family of the accused are as well involved in the entire procedure. 

In case an individual flees or does not appear in court on the required dates, he/she is hunted by bounty hunters. They are individuals who hunt individuals who jumped bail. They will receive a percentage of the bail.